Latest Project


Regenwald is a luxury automotive seller that provides discerning shoppers and a host of VIP commercial clients with a higher standard of car-buying. Offering clients an exclusive auto shopping experience, it was only fitting that this distinguished dealership receive branding elements that captured the prestige of their operations and clientele.

In creating Regenwald’s logo, the LIV Design Studio team sought to capture the unique feeling that only a fine automobile can evoke. Inspired by the elite brands of yore, the brand’s crest suggests royal origins while metallic finishes suggest a mingling of technological innovation and timeless luxury.

Concord Metrotown

Concord Metrotown is an as-yet unfinished project for famed community-builder Concord Pacific, which saw a full-scale innovation process from CG renderings of the lush interiors to creating a branding vision that speaks to the diversity of life in the heart of Burnaby’s bustling Metrotown. Lush tones and organic elements suggest a harmonious way of life

To guide our creative process, the LIV Design Studio team honed in on the concept of distilling everyday life to its core elements, asking the question: what defines life? The end result was an emphasis on four key elements that compose the modern-day urban experience. Wellness, community, technology, and nature harmonize seamlessly in every facet of this grand undertaking and the project’s branding serves to reinforce this idea at every turn.

H Tasting Lounge

Drawing inspiration from the eccentric life of American actor, business magnate and long-time Bayshore Hotel resident, Howard Hughes, the H Tasting Lounge evokes another era – one that glamorously captures the essence of Hughes’ wide-ranging legacy in film and aeronautics.

From the refined branding details to the grand Art Deco-inspired interior pieces, the LIV Design team meticulously curated a multilayered experience to mirror Hughes’ extravagant life. No expense was spared to bring this project to fruition in a way that did justice to its namesake’s legacy of sophistication.

From menus to custom-designed bar inlays and even ice cubes with an imprinted logo, the branding for H Tasting Lounge perfectly embodies the spirit of the Roaring Twenties where Hughes first found his fame and fortune. The lavish lifestyle embodied by the freewheeling business magnate is perfectly encapsulated at H tasting lounge.