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Interior Design

Our Origins.  Designing interiors is where LIV Design Studio all started. Tracing our portfolio back since we opened in 2012, we have worked on single-family projects as well as multi-residential design projects with Canada’s largest developer and community builder.

The timelessness and functionality of our designs is made possible by our commitment to our ethos of TECH/DESIGN/CULTURE. We use leading-edge CG artistry technology in tandem with our Visually-Led Design (VLD) process to articulate visions at each stage of the process effortlessly. VLD leads to better communication and a more true-to-vision end result, setting new industry standards.

CG Artistry

As part of our practice of Visually-Led Design (VLD), we use CG Artistry to involve our clients and end-users at every step of the design process. The hyper-realistic renderings created by our skilled team of CG Artists allow us to communicate ideas and concepts more effectively and create projects that perfectly capture the intended use of the space.

Our expansion into CG Artistry was a natural extension of our principles of TECH/DESIGN/CULTURE and has grown to be a defining feature of our design process. At LIV, we’re always looking towards the future and enthusiastically embracing any technology that helps to enhance our design process and improve client collaboration.


LIV is a multidisciplinary design studio that marries branding and interior design to create a visually lush and physically immersive experience for the end-user. Our in-house marketing and design team works with our interior designers to outline and create an expansive vision of what the project truly represents, and how this should be communicated to the end-user.

We view branding as an integral part of the design process, and relish any opportunity to create multilayered experiences that transcend disciplines. As such, we’re pleased to offer a full suite of branding, strategy and illustration services to accompany and expand upon our interior design in order to truly bring projects to life.

Visually-Led Design

Here at LIV Design Studio, we refer to our design process as VLD – Visually-Led Design. This innovative approach combines industry-leading CG artistry with constant collaboration, both within our team and with our clients, to develop design solutions that are fully immersive for the end-user.

Since our inception, we’ve worked to find innovative ways to evolve the way we design while better incorporating the clients and suppliers we work with. From planning to construction, VLD guides our hand and allows us to create timeless, functional design with ease.

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