A legacy of sophistication

Drawing inspiration from the eccentric life of American actor, business magnate and long-time Bayshore Hotel resident, Howard Hughes, the H Tasting Lounge evokes another era – one that glamorously captures the essence of Hughes’ wide-ranging legacy in film and aeronautics.

From the refined branding details to the grand Art Deco-inspired interior pieces, the LIV Design team meticulously curated a multilayered experience to mirror Hughes’ extravagant life. No expense was spared to bring this project to fruition in a way that did justice to its namesake’s legacy of sophistication.

From menus to custom-designed bar inlays and even ice cubes with an imprinted logo, the branding for H Tasting Lounge perfectly embodies the spirit of the Roaring Twenties where Hughes first found his fame and fortune. The lavish lifestyle embodied by the freewheeling business magnate is perfectly encapsulated at H tasting lounge.

When crafting the branding for H, our team focused on simple, modern design with a dash of lavishness. The subtle yet eye-catching details found throughout are designed to flow seamlessly into the space itself, with gold logos emblazoned on both menus and serviettes to match the elegant gold fixtures that characterize the room and bar.

Hughes’ aeronautical interests also played heavily into our creative process. Airplane motifs adorn the back-cover of each menu, while a custom-glass chandelier affixed in the center of the room was designed to mimic the current generated by an airplane’s propeller.

In both interior design and branding, the aim of this project was to create a cohesive experience that breathed new life into the Bayshore’s lobby while remaining faithful to its original look and feel. The tones and energy of the room itself find correspondence in various branding elements, such as rich blue tones to match the standout velvet seats, and hints of gold detailing called upon to give an air of luxury to H Tasting’s design.