A luxury automobile experience

Regenwald is a luxury automotive seller that provides discerning shoppers and a host of VIP commercial clients with a higher standard of car-buying. Offering clients an exclusive auto shopping experience, it was only fitting that this distinguished dealership receive branding elements that captured the prestige of their operations and clientele.

In creating Regenwald’s logo, the LIV Design Studio team sought to capture the unique feeling that only a fine automobile can evoke. Inspired by the elite brands of yore, the brand’s crest suggests royal origins while metallic finishes suggest a mingling of technological innovation and timeless luxury.

Though simple in their structure, Regenwald’s logos are evocative of a different era made modern by design. In the full text logo, horizontal lines proceeding the block-lettered R suggest forward movement, as well as the obvious implication of travelling at high-speed – something that is guaranteed by the Regenwald experience.

The auto seller’s renown is further reinforced by the crown adorning their coat-of-arms crest logo. Whether decorating the front and sides of a sportscar or carved from metal, the LIV Design team succeeded in creating branding that portrays the pinnacle of luxury wherever it finds its home.