The future of integrated living

Concord Metrotown is an as-yet unfinished project for famed community-builder Concord Pacific, which saw a full-scale innovation process from CG renderings of the lush interiors to creating a branding vision that speaks to the diversity of life in the heart of Burnaby’s bustling Metrotown. Lush tones and organic elements suggest a harmonious way of life

To guide our creative process, the LIV Design Studio team honed in on the concept of distilling everyday life to its core elements, asking the question: what defines life? The end result was an emphasis on four key elements that compose the modern-day urban experience. Wellness, community, technology, and nature harmonize seamlessly in every facet of this grand undertaking and the project’s branding serves to reinforce this idea at every turn.

These four elements were each assigned a corresponding colour to represent them throughout the collateral we produced for Concord Metrotown. This comes together to form a sort of blueprint for a balanced life, an idea that finds its way into every aspect of this project. The focus here was to help residents visualize the space itself as a multi-layered experience that unites towards a thoroughly integrated lifestyle.

The eye-catching conservatory and abundant natural elements feature prominently throughout promotional material, and have become emblematic of the idea of genesis within a metropolis. The lush green tones used for branded elements instantly conjure emotions of tranquility amongst the bustle of the urban experience.

This master-planned neighbourhood offers residents a glimpse into the future of living. From rendering to branding, this unique community tantalizes with the prospect of finding harmony and equilibrium in the everyday. Concord Metrotown curates spaces and designs that not only enhance each area of life, but propels them forward with innovation at every turn.