At LIV Design Studio, technology informs everything we do and enables us to create design that better engages end-users and fully captures the intended use of a space. As our industry continues to adapt to digital tools and technologies, LIV looks forward to enhancing our design process accordingly to ensure we continue to remain on the cutting edge.

Through the use of CG artistry, our VLD process allows for meaningful collaboration with our clients and within our teams, and ensures that we’re able to solve design challenges wherever they may arise. The sophisticated renderings we produce serve to cultivate a more complete understanding of the space we’re working within and empowers our designers to bring out its full potential.


LIV began with and is rooted in interior design. The specific processes we use may change as technology advances and trends come and go, but our work will always stem from a desire to create timeless, functional experiences through design. Achieving this requires constant communication, both within our team and with our clients. Exchanging ideas and goals and then bringing our design to life through our 3D renderings helps to foster a spirit of collaboration and ensures an end product that is greater than the sum of its parts.  


From the earliest stages of our design process, we strive to identify how the space will evolve in tandem with global events, influences and needs. Incorporating this human element into everything we do allows us to look forward and create design that stands the test of time. We are fundamentally a part of our environment, as well as a contributor to design culture locally and beyond. We take this responsibility seriously and are always searching for ways to incorporate perspectives from a variety of influences into our designs.  

A large part of our emphasis on culture is listening to and integrating the diverse perspectives of the people we work with into our design in order to create projects. Rather than being creative for its own sake, we strive to reinforce and apply our own culture to every project, while being ready to adapt and refine our approach along the way.  

Our Principal

For our principal Olivia Lam, design can never exist in a vacuum. Rather – it should strive to become a part of its environment and involve the end-user at every level. Her work combines luxury with durability, innovation with integrity, and boldness with the bottom line. The interiors she creates incorporate cutting-edge technology to produce something wholly new yet entirely functional.

Alongside her sister Tiffany, Olivia Lam founded LIV Design Studio in 2012 with a focus on interior design in Vancouver. Since then, the studio has responded to client needs to evolve from a traditional design studio to a multifaceted company equipped with an in-house marketing team, CG artistry and more.

With projects around the globe – in our home of Vancouver as well as Calgary, Toronto, Hong Kong, and London — LIV sets its sights just beyond the horizon of possibility. Today, our approach to design is driven by the ever-evolving technological landscape, resulting in timeless luxury underpinned by a deep understanding of how technology and culture intertwine.

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