Bringing LIV Design’s vision unequivocally into the very skyline of Toronto, the Bridge Suites at Concord Adex in Toronto are a crown jewel in our design portfolio and amongst the skyscrapers of the city.

Dickson Chu, one of LIV Design’s Senior Interior Designers, shared his experience working on the project and helped to deconstruct one of the most iconic suites in Toronto’s history.

About the Bridge Suites

The bridge suites are a breathtaking connection between two towers. It was originally completed back in 2010, prior to the naissance of LIV Design.

It sat as an empty concrete shell, bare, without even a scrap of drywall, for almost 10 years.

Then, in 2019, the decision was made to renovate and finalize the property so it could go to market. “Then, Olivia came to us and said, maybe now’s the time to bring the project to life again,”said Chu. “We got the mission: to complete the design.”

Design Concept & Inspiration

The Staircase

One of Chu’s highlights of the project is the crisp glass staircase. Originally, the client was interested in implementing a wood railing.

When our team showed them what was possible by switching to a glass design, they agreed — this was the right direction that would elevate the entire suite.

“ This is a multi-million dollar penthouse, we should definitely try to push the boundary further ”
- Dickson Chu, Senior Interior Designer at LIV Design

“For this penthouse, we tried to push it a little further with a glass railing to give it that luxury touch and upgrade,” said Chu. “Now, when you look back in the project, the staircase is just stunning.”

Project Challenges

Since the building was finalized well before LIV Design was brought on board, a unique challenge for our designers was working around the structure itself.

We inherited concrete columns and structural walls, “that kind of element is already inside that we cannot take out, so we have to play around it,” said Chu, who was tasked with finding the best layout with all the given inherited elements.

And while all of this could be seen as a challenge, for our team it was more of an exciting opportunity. Exploring a fixed structure gave the team ideas that they never would have dreamed of if they had started from a blank slate. “It just kind of pushed our imagination design mindset further, it pushed the limit a little bit more,” said Chu.

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