For IDS Toronto 2023, LIV Design Studio was invited to create The Secret Bar. Responding to IDS Toronto 2023’s theme of ‘Moving Parts’, our team was inspired to create an adaptable, multi-use space that paired our own core tenets, TECH/DESIGN/CULTURE with distinct areas within the bar that each served their own unique purpose.

Following an unprecedented two-year period that brought seismic change to both the interior design industry and the creative community at large, IDS Toronto’s theme felt particularly poignant, and called to mind our own ethos at LIV Design Studio. Envisioning our three-pronged approach to design as the “moving parts” that combine to define LIV’s work, our team honed in on creating a space that was greater than the sum of its parts. Expanding upon this theme even further, we created three custom full-length mirrors emblazoned with the words “TECH”, “DESIGN”, and “CULTURE” with definitions for each. In addition to serving a practical purpose in appearing to expand The Secret Bar beyond its physical boundaries, these mirrors also encouraged visitors to see themselves as integral moving parts of the interior design world. 

Delineating clear spaces that each reflected a different aspect of TECH/DESIGN/CULTURE, The Secret Bar utilized a neutral colour palette and abundant biophilic elements to create an environment that felt inviting yet sophisticated. Furnishings from our generous sponsors Avenue Road, Sundays Furniture, and ROBINSON were curated to enhance the modular, adaptable feel of The Secret Bar, with patterned flooring from Interface forming the perfect backdrop to the greyscale design.  

Adjacent to the “TECH” mirror, matte metallic elements conjure images of progress and technological advancement, while in the designated “DESIGN” area, accents are more refined with luxe finishes. Throughout The Secret Bar, rounded tables invite unstructured gathering throughout the space, with taller rectangular desk tables serving as both workstations and another area for finding brief respite from the hustle & bustle of the weekend.