Perched above the treetops, Concord Brentwood’s Hillside community forges a strong connection with nature in one of Metro Vancouver’s most central addresses. This phase of the exciting undertaking consists of two striking towers – divided into East and West – each elevated just above the treeline to leave 38-feet of vertical space below for a landscaped motor court and lush greenery that residents can enjoy.

LIV Design Studio was asked to design interiors that played off this dichotomy between natural & urban life, accentuating Hillside’s gorgeous views and lush surroundings. Indoor-outdoor living was a key element here. Maximizing the treetop setting of the building’s curved balconies, a unique sliding door was installed in each unit to allow effortless transitions from indoor to outdoor living spaces. In the summertime, doors can be left open to blur the boundaries between home & nature.

Within individual units, LIV utilized our updated Suite Standard – modified to adapt to the nuances of Hillside’s setting. Custom millwork and marble finishes characterize the timeless interiors, lending an airy feel to the space while maximizing functionality. Custom wood-grain laminate cabinetry in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms is enhanced with smart organization solutions, with a modular design housing top-of-the-line appliances. Each suite is focused around its outdoor space and the greenery below, with porcelain-tiled floors and inset radiant ceiling heaters for all-season enjoyment of the super-sized balconies.

Hillside’s blend of indoor & outdoor amenity spaces were outfitted to reflect the hallmarks of the Hillside community: functional, modern, and rooted in nature. From gyms to multi-purpose rooms, spaces were made to amplify the natural light that flows in through floor-to-ceiling windows. Bright, tonal finishings and mirrored details like reflective ceiling tiles and diamond-like light fixtures in areas like entertainment lounges and study rooms reflect the abundant sunlight that permeates Hillside, enriching residents’ daily routines and awakening the senses.

Even in more informal spaces like the multi-purpose games room and music room, refined details and furnishings call back to Hillside’s central themes. In the former, a custom-designed pool table is placed parallel to a polished stone divider with radiant beams of light reflected off its glossy surfaces, delineating the two distinct areas of this expansive  space while reflecting rays of light from outside. The music room is pure elegance – with a grand piano angled to allow light to flow in while you and your guests are serenaded.

Connecting these varied spaces are Hillside East & West’s breathtaking Grand Lobbies. Though they differ on the surface, these two welcoming areas are thematically linked by common elements like the massive stone desks that each house a 24-hour concierge service. Embodying the height of quality living in a space inspired by nature, Hillside East’s lobby looks out directly over the surrounding treetops while the West tower’s lobby contains an abundance of richly-textured wood panelling that’s reminiscent of the surrounding natural beauty.