While the LIV Design Studio team strives to constantly incorporate emerging trends and new design modalities, our work is profoundly rooted in the concepts of understated elegance and timeless sophistication. For us, the ongoing 'Quiet Luxury' movement is far more than a passing trend – the concept of timeless design is an idea that has always been integrated into the fabric of our work. We seek to create spaces that transcend trends and speak to an evergreen beauty and purposeful simplicity by harnessing our TECH/DESIGN/CULTURE ethos.

As the world embraces the principles of quiet luxury in different aspects of design and culture, we've compiled this retrospective look at some of our key projects embodying the spirit of subtle sophistication. In this article, we'll delve into our interior design work for projects like the Oasis Display Suite at Concord's Burnaby Presentation Centre as well as the interiors at Greenhouse by Concord Pacific to shed light on the foundational elements of the quiet luxury movement.

[Pictured in header: Rendering of the Tea Atelier at Greenhouse by Concord Pacific]

Defining Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury borrows from traditional minimalist design principles while incorporating warmth and comfort for a casually refined look. In many ways, this trend mirrors the principles we've been practicing at LIV Design Studio since our inception: timeless design rooted in our core TECH/DESIGN/CULTURE ethos. The hallmarks of this style are apparent in the fashion world: comfortable and sleek cashmere sweaters, deceptively simple trench coats, and the omnipresent loafer are everywhere currently, symbolizing the sort of upscale casual style that adorns many celebrities and trendsetters.

By avoiding maximalist design elements, the quiet luxury movement as it refers to interiors emphasizes clean lines, sleek design, and minimal clutter, all while maintaining a luxurious feel. Think warm neutral tones, rich textures, and clever applications of lighting to lend each room a distinctly refined but wholly invited aura.

These guidelines steered our work designing the interiors at the forthcoming Greenhouse by Concord Pacific community. Inspired by old world elegance, these renderings of a bedroom suite and event space within the project each use a colour palette consisting of warm beiges and browns, with ample wooden and marble finishes such as herringbone flooring and panelled wooden white wood walls to conjure a sense of royal sophistication with an approachable feel.

[Pictured here: Bedroom Suite and Dining Room at Greenhouse by Concord Pacific, designed by LIV Design Studio]

Quiet Luxury Colour Palette

"Our design for the BPC Oasis embodies a modern oasis retreat, blending soft, earthy tones with sleek, neutral elements. The custom blown glass, crafted with meticulous artisanal skill, epitomizes quiet luxury, enhancing the serene elegance of the space and creating a tranquil, luxurious atmosphere that reflects timeless sophistication."
–Dickson Chu, Senior Interior Designer at LIV Design Studio

Whether in apparel or interiors, neutral tones are the cornerstone of quiet luxury. Beiges, creams, whites, and charcoal accents create a polished and high-quality ambiance essential for this sophisticated style. In interiors in particular, sparing use of metallics and similarly eye-catching textures can further elevate a space. These colours, when paired thoughtfully, provide a serene backdrop that can be subtly enlivened with carefully chosen accents.

This was the colour palette chosen to guide our work for the Oasis Display Suite at Concord Pacific's Burnaby Presentation Centre. Befitting the tropical beach inspired amenities within the Oasis community, the LIV Design Studio team paired gentle earth tones with tasteful bronze and blue accents for an oasis-inspired urban getaway. In this sense, opting for a more neutral palette serves to draw attention to statement pieces such as the custom blown-glass light fixture, the plush rounded seating, and the gently curved lines of the banquet table.

[Pictured here: Interiors at the Oasis at Concord Brentwood Display Suite at Concord Pacific's Burnaby Presentation Centre, designed by LIV Design Studio]

Materials – Quality and Substance

The essence of quiet luxury is found in the tactile experience of high-quality materials, each piece telling a story of craftsmanship and elegance. Quiet luxury is defined by its use of high-quality, natural materials such as marble, metals, and natural wood finishes. These elements, when used thoughtfully, breathe warmth and refinement into any space. While minimalism runs the risk of being cold and impersonal, quiet luxury counters with a tastefully simple design language.

In this quiet luxury inspired materials palette from LIV Design Studio, our designers have selected Breccia Onicata stone from A&H Stone, Terrazo Stone and 3D Marble from Ann Sacks, white tile from Ames Tile & Stone, acrylic from 3Form, and Fabric from Theo Decor. Together or on their own as accents, these materials can help tie together the rich wood and natural textures commonly found in quiet luxury interiors.

[Pictured here: Materials Palette by LIV Design Studio]

Prioritizing Craftsmanship in Furniture & Finishes

The true hallmark of quiet luxury is meticulous craftsmanship. The devil is in the details, and for practitioners of quiet luxury, subtle design cues and quietly upscale materials round out the best furnishings for the job. Each piece should exude sophistication, albeit without a trace of pretension or unnecessarily ostentatious design.

This was what inspired the in-suite kitchen design at the forthcoming Greenhouse by Concord Pacific project. Conjuring images of villas in Southern France and historic European orangeries, the LIV Design Studio team sought to transpose this ornate elegance to the Greenhouse community, with modern touches and a refined sensibility more suited to current tastes.

Craftsmanship was at the heart of this undertaking, with premium finishes, fixtures, and appliances elevating the white and gold look. The custom-designed cabinetry perfectly fits the European stainless steel appliances, accented by gold handles, faucets, and pendant lights that lend a natural brightness to the airy yet elegant space.

[Pictured here: Kitchen Suite at Greenhouse by Concord Pacific, designed by LIV Design Studio]

The Pursuit of Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is more than a fleeting trend; it is a design philosophy that prioritizes quality, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. At LIV Design Studio, we strive to create spaces that embody this understated luxury, ensuring our clients enjoy environments that are both serene and sophisticated.

The beauty of quiet luxury is that while it's currently on-trend, it is also an overarching principle that can be practiced in every facet of life. The projects mentioned here exemplify just some potential applications of quiet luxury. As trends shift and our clients' goals change, the LIV Design Studio team looks to our personal interpretation of understated elegance as a guiding light that shapes each and every one of our projects.

[Pictured here: Lobby and Concierge Desk at Greenhouse by Concord Pacific, designed by LIV Design Studio]

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