As we bid farewell to winter and spring emerges, the LIV Design Studio team welcomes the vibrant dawn of the Year of the Dragon. Symbolizing auspicious prospects and boundless opportunities, the dragon beckons us to join with loved ones in collective merriment, casting our gaze towards the unfolding chapters of the year ahead.

The Lunar New Year is a chance to embrace the festive season through interior design and many shared meals and traditions. In this article, we'll share some Lunar New Year's design inspiration from previous years' projects, plus the LIV Design Studio team's favourite festive experiences and dining destinations.

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[Header image designed by LIV Design Studio]

A Blossoming Tapestry

The vibrant language of florals is an integral ingredient in Lunar New Year celebrations, as blossoms symbolize the essence of rejuvenation and the promise of a new beginning. Whether adorning home or commercial spaces with cherry blossoms, representing beauty and transience, or chrysanthemums symbolizing longevity, the floral tapestry becomes a living testament to the cyclical nature of life, mirroring the celebratory spirit of the occasion.

To ring in the festive season, Concord Adex asked LIV Design Studio to curate an impressive display at their Concord North York Presentation Centre. Working with local florists, our team filled the welcome lobby and display suites with florals in auspicious hues, arranged artfully around the round central display desk and grand piano with paper lantern details tying together the design.

[Pictured here: Floral installation at Concord Adex's North York Presentation Centre, designed by LIV Design Studio]

Home Harmony in the Year of the Dragon

Gatherings in the home take the forefront in most Lunar New Year celebrations, with hosts going to great lengths to create an atmosphere fit for the season's revelry. Elegant table displays and abundant symbolism is common here, with objects like cherry blossom branches, or red napkins and table runners help to ensure a fortuitous environment in which to enjoy a meal.

Shown here are ultra-realistic 3D renderings of in-suite design at Concord London's Marylebone Square. To give the as-yet unreleased units a lived-in feel, our team of designers and artists filled each space with elegant furnishings and seasonal touches, resulting in an unparalleled realism and an immersive viewing experience.

[Pictured here: CG Renderings of in-suite design at Marylebone Square by Concord London, designed by LIV Design Studio]

"To create a captivating 3D experience we start by determining the ideal spot for guests to view the display from. We start by taking careful measurements of this position and replicate the screen in a 3D program, allowing us to tailor animations and renders to perspective. After the detailed work of animation and rendering, we skillfully distort the image to fit the screen. This technique ensures that from the individual's viewpoint, the image appears to leap out, creating a believable 3D illusion that's both impressive and immersive."
- Matthew Schilling, Lead CG Artist at LIV Design Studio

Guided by our TECH/DESIGN/CULTURE ethos, the LIV Design Studio team invoked technology to captivate audiences at Concord Pacific's Richmond Presentation Centre. This celebratory three-dimensional experience combines vivid colours with lifelike renderings that practically leap off the screen. Above is an in-progress glimpse the display LIV Design Studio's C.G. team created for the Year of the Dragon, combining festive motifs such as paper lanterns with a larger-than-life dragon graphic.

[Pictured here: In-progress rendering for the Year of the Dragon Display at Concord Pacific's Richmond Presentation Centre, designed by LIV Design Studio]

Year of the Dragon Experiences & Dining Destinations – Vancouver

Many Lunar New Year traditions revolve around dining & entertaining, but the auspicious spirit of the dragon makes this year the perfect time to add a bold new experience to your celebrations. To kickstart the season's festivities, the LIV Design team is shining the spotlight on some festive events and experiences taking place in Vancouver & Toronto to help you celebrate the Year of the Dragon with your community.

Vancouver Dining Destinations

Dinner at Mott 32

One of the world's most awarded Chinese restaurants, Mott 32 consistently raises the bar for innovative dishes and delicious cocktails in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Book your Lunar New Year dinner at this upscale spot and enjoy famous dishes like their Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck or Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork in the company of your friends and loved ones.

Afternoon Tea at Notch8

Located in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Notch8 is celebrating the Year of the Dragon with a Lunar New Year-themed afternoon tea experience featuring house-made savoury dishes, scones, and sweets. Little ones are more than welcome too with a special Children's Tea option .

Chocolates/Cream Puff Pack from BETA5 Chocolates

One of Vancouver's premier chocolatiers, BETA5, has launched a Year of the Dragon-themed line of chocolates and cream puffs that would make a fantastic host gift or gorgeous dessert for your celebrations this year. This year's offerings include chocolate 'mandarin oranges' filled with a mandarin caramel, and cream puffs with fillings such as soy milk mousse, black sesame chiffon, and fresh taro custard.

Vancouver Experiences

Taste of Chinatown Food Festival

Experience the very best Vancouver's vibrant Chinatown has to offer with this three day Food Festival featuring food pop-ups and other fun activities. Don't miss your chance to ring in the new year with special offers on items from local favourites like Chinatown BBQ, Beaucoup Bakery, and Boba Run.

LunarFest Vancouver Cultural Festival

Comprising a number of activations and experiences across the city, Vancouver's LunarFest invites attendees to reimagine the spirit of the dragon with the theme 'Born to be Free'. Beginning February 5th, you can take in a variety of performances, workshops, artist talks, and more at some of Vancouver's most popular event spaces and galleries.

The Paper Trail Exhibition at Chinese Canadian Museum

This exhibition at the Chinese Canadian Museum, opened in July 2023, commemorates 100 years since the passing of the Chinese Canadian Act and features hundreds of certificate of identity documents once used to track Chinese Canadians. Housed inside the historic Wing Sang Building in Chinatown, this exhibition offers an invaluable opportunity to remember an integral part of Chinese Canadian history.

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[Pictured here left to right: Year of the Dragon Chocolates from BETA5 Chocolates; Paper Trail Exhibition at the Chinese Canadian Museum, photo by Rachel Topham Photography; LunarFest Vancouver

Year of the Dragon Experiences & Dining Destinations – Toronto

Toronto Dining Destinations

Dinner at DaiLo

Serving up creative takes on Chinese-Canadian cuisine, DaiLo in Toronto's Little Italy neighbourhood is the perfect place to get your loved ones together for a festive dinner. The French-inspired fare is paired with gorgeous interiors that blend vintage Chinoiserie with a modern touch to create a cozy, elevated atmosphere in which to enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Dinner/Lunar New Year Events at DASHA

A lively two-level spot that offers a boisterous karaoke room as well as refined Chinese and Pan-Asian dishes in a dimly lit space. Perfect for a relaxed dinner or post-meal celebrations, DASHA is a fantastic way to cap off your Lunar New Year celebrations.

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Lunar New Year Menu at R&D Toronto

Located in the heart of Toronto's historic Chinatown, R&D is a popular eatery serving up modern Asian-Canadian cuisine in a beautifully designed yet unpretentious space. Their special Lunar New Year Menu, available February 10 & 11 only, features all manner of auspicious dishes like Longevity Noodles and Prosperity Fish.

Toronto Experiences

ROM After Dark: Lunar Love

Simultaneously celebrating Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, this popular 19+ event series returns with curated music, visual arts, and performances plus plentiful food and drink. Guests have access to the entire Royal Ontario Museum and can expect DJs, dragon dances, and so much more.

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LunarFest GTA

This quintessential Lunar New Year event celebrates the season with a series of workshops, art installations, and the popular Lunar Lanterns event. Get creative and connect with your community through this exciting arts-focused festival.


"The dragon is the guardian of wealth and power. To me, it symbolizes good luck, courage, strength and honour – making this a year for positive changes. It's believed that what you do at the beginning of a new year will affect your luck in the coming year. To this end, I think it's important to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, and spread joy wherever possible! Legends say that this mythical creature will bring good fortune to us all, but it also requires us to be kind and passionate before we receive all that wealth and wisdom."
- Lina Deng, Interior Designer at LIV Design Studio

On behalf of the LIV Design Studio team, we wish all our friends and colleagues good health and prosperity for the Year of the Dragon. We hope that the fearless spirit of this mystical creature inspires your future creative endeavours and guide you to a year filled with unwavering determination and bold new adventures.

[Pictured here: ROM After Dark: Lunar Love, photo courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum

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