"Peach Fuzz is visually relaxing, but stimulates personal development and feelings of kindness through its calming look. A good use for accent pieces, finishes, or even a statement wall, the 2024 Colour of the Year is warm and cozy yet soft & introspective."
- Ken Liao, Senior Interior Designer at LIV Design Studio

PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz embraces warmth and collaboration, celebrating inclusion and contributing to welcoming spaces that openly embrace our softer sides. A profoundly human tone, Peach Fuzz's vibrant sophistication speaks to a new modernity that lends itself equally well to digital applications.

In an increasingly tumultuous world, Peach Fuzz was chosen for its power to nurture, inspire, and remind us to enjoy the little moments. In this article, the LIV Design Studio team shares their observations on this understated hue and how they plan to integrate it into future projects.

[Pictured in Header: Materials Palette by LIV Design Studio]

Echoes of the Past

In the tapestry of interior design, Peach Fuzz unfurls as a timeless hue, reminiscent of the opulence found in historic architectural marvels, from regal castles to luxurious residences. Its subtle presence, echoing through the corridors of time, lends an enduring sophistication to contemporary spaces, seamlessly connecting the grandeur of the past with the elegance of the present.

Part of Peach Fuzz's uniqueness comes from its velvety-toned, old-world elegance. Its romantic hues have a distinctly vintage vibe, and traces of it can be found all throughout history. Within LIV Design Studio's oeuvre, Peach Fuzz is often used to channel refined elegance, such as against the marble stone backdrop of the Grand Lobby at Greenhouse by Concord Pacific, or in this imagining of a dining room setting at Oasis at Concord Brentwood.

[Pictured left to right: Grand Lobby at Greenhouse by Concord Pacific; Table Setting at Oasis at Concord Brentwood – both designed by LIV Design Studio]

Building Towards the Future

Beyond its tangible presence, Peach Fuzz also finds resonance in the digital realm, becoming an integral part of LIV Design Studio's CG renderings and other virtual spaces. As we venture into the future of design, this hue seamlessly translates its soft, tactile essence into the intangible, adding a touch of warmth to the sleek surfaces of modernity. It bridges the gap between the physical and the digital, creating a harmonious fusion of traditional elegance and futuristic aesthetics.

TECH/DESIGN/CULTURE – these three intertwined principles are at the heart of LIV Design Studio's work, and are reflected in Peach Fuzz's people-centric, technology-forward tones. As part of our Visually-Led Design process, LIV Design Studio's in-house CG team produces hyper-realistic renderings to ensure our work harmonizes technology with end-user interactions.

Shown here are some of these renderings, which seamlessly blend virtual and tangible modalities with their unparalleled detail. In this rendering of a bedroom suite at W1 Place by Concord London, Fuzzy Peach tones are used sparingly in artwork to cast a warm light over the neutral furnishings.

In Concord Pacific's light-toned "Crema" Kitchen Standard, soft lighting and wood elements cast a natural peach-hued glow over the space, giving it a welcoming, modern feel. In the final rendering, the Lobby at ">Concord Metrotown brims with inviting peach light to offer a warm, nuanced gathering place.

[Pictured top to bottom: Living Room Suite at W1 Place by Concord London; Concord Pacific "Crema" Kitchen Standard; Lobby at Concord Metrotown – CG renderings by LIV Design Studio]

A Human Touch

"Peach Fuzz has a uniquely warm softness that exudes a relaxing sensation in interiors. When used as an accent colour, it brings a comforting air to many different types of spaces."
- Ken Liao, Senior Interior Designer at LIV Design Studio

Peach Fuzz, with its warm and inviting demeanor, brings a profoundly human characteristic to interiors, creating spaces that exude comfort and personable charm. Whether adorning plush upholstery or subtly gracing accent walls, this hue transforms homes into inviting sanctuaries, where each room becomes a narrative of refined intimacy and welcoming allure.

This bedroom design at the Bridge Suites by Concord Adex showcases Peach Fuzz's ability to bridge the gap between cool, neutral tones and rich browns, creating a personable allure in this sleek, ultra-modern unit.

[Pictured here: Bedroom Design at Bridge Suites in Toronto by Concord Adex – designed by LIV Design Studio]

Creating Community & Collaboration

In communal spaces, Peach Fuzz becomes a unifying force, radiating a welcoming and nurturing energy that fosters collaboration. Picture a common area where this gentle hue adorns shared surfaces, inviting individuals to come together in an atmosphere of comfort and congeniality. The subtle undertones of Peach Fuzz contribute to the creation of a harmonious community space, where collaboration blossoms in an environment that embraces both style and shared connection.

For the VIP Lounge at IDS Vancouver 2019, LIV Design Studio utilized various peach and pink shades to conjure a vibrant, enlivening energy that elicited meaningful connection among friends, colleagues, and perfect strangers alike. Mingling floral elements with vibrant pink acoustic BAUX panels, the lounge had a lively, organic feel with a nurturing warmth characteristic of Peach Fuzz.

[Pictured here: VIP Lounge at IDS Vancouver 2019 – designed by LIV Design Studio]

The Timeless Tapestry of Peach Fuzz

In the symphony of design, Peach Fuzz emerges not merely as a color but as a versatile and timeless muse, weaving through the threads of history, warmth, futurism, and communal harmony. Its presence, both tangible and digital, resonates with a sophisticated elegance that transcends eras and mediums. As we navigate the realms of interior design, Peach Fuzz stands as a testament to the enduring allure of nuanced hues, inviting us to craft spaces that blend the echoes of the past, the warmth of human connection, the innovation of the future, and the collaborative spirit that binds us all. In Peach Fuzz, we find not just a color but a narrative – a narrative of timeless sophistication and endless possibilities in the ever-evolving canvas of design.

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