It can be hard to remember to take time for ourselves amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Finding and embracing restful moments and experiences is all but essential for weathering the winter months, and our interiors are one way we can achieve this.

Of course, setting off on a luxury getaway when temperatures drop is the preferred course of action, but this guide will also embrace ways in which we can create new avenues of comfort in our everyday lives. In our Holiday Getaway Guide, LIV Design Studio will be highlighting some of our favourite getaway destinations, resort interiors, and objects for infusing tranquillity into our daily routines.

Enliven your living space

Embrace the same principles of luxury resort living without the price tag of a plane ticket. These curated objects will help infuse comfort & style into the most ordinary household rituals, making every moment a memorable one this winter season.

1. Hästens Slippers
Should you choose to embrace the staycation trend and spend the holidays with your feet up at home, there's no reason why you can't bring a bit of that resort-inspired comfort home with you. The Hästens Slippers from Inform Interiors are sure to make you feel like you're strolling around the spa, made from plush grey wool with a leather suede sole. Each pair of these luxe slippers also comes with its own matching dust bag, in case you would like to take them with you on a getaway.

The preparation and shared enjoyment of food is a central part of practically every holiday celebration. The ritual of assembling a feast for family and loved ones is for many an embodiment of the season's cheer, and of course, a chance to put your culinary chops on display. While you may or may not have access to the same luxury facilities as many Michelin-starred chefs or brigades at five-star resorts, you can certainly bring home a fine knife to aid in your undertakings.

2. Konosuke MB White #2 Gyuto
From Vancouver-based Ai & Om Knives, the Konosuke MB White #2 Gyuto is an elegant way to make quick work of your holiday prep. The Japanese equivalent of a Western chef's knife, the Gyuto is a true multipurpose tool, made even more usable with a rounded, hexagonal burnt walnut handle and a richly patinaed and finely honed blade that guests can hardly help but marvel at.

3. Hitohira Futana S3
From Hitohira, also available at Ai & Om, the Hitohira Futana S3 is a slightly more compact size for the home cook but is no less capable of handling every aspect of your festive feasts. Outfitted with a gorgeous cherry wood & ebony handle, this do-it-all kitchen tool is sure to bring a calm efficacy to your holiday gatherings.

[Pictured left to right: Hästens Slippers from Inform Interiors; Hitohira Futana S3 and Konosuke MB White #2 Gyuto from Ai & Om Knives.

Escape in spirit

Who's to say that one must leave their home to enjoy the magic of a far-off destination? Experience the wonder of a globe-trotting adventure without setting forth from your couch with these transportive tomes for everything from destination resorts to architecture and design inspiration.

4. The Monocle Travel Guide Barcelona
Barcelona is a dream destination for anyone seeking to explore the Catalonia region's rich history and breathtaking cityscape. Thanks to The Monocle Travel Guide Barcelona and Inform Interiors, you can explore the facades and interiors of this coastal hotspot from wherever you choose. With rich, full-colour photographs of locales ranging from independent retailers to boutique fashion flagships and bustling tapas bars, take inspiration from the dynamic designs of this historic capital.

5. Destination Art
Perhaps the best part of any vacation is the opportunity to broaden one's horizons and take in new perspectives. Interacting with and learning from other cultures helps us develop our own approach, and is an integral part of developing our own design language. We've been perusing the pages of Destination Art from Phaidon lately, available for purchase at 313 Design Market. This tome compiles 500 artworks from around the world with stunning photos and short descriptions of each – perfect for planning your next getaway.

6. Mjölk Book Volume 3 & 5
Another source of globe-trotting inspiration is the deeply immersive Mjölk Book series, available directly from Mjölk themselves. With each brilliant new edition, the Mjölk team explores new destinations and features local artists, artisans and creatives to capture the spirit of a given place. Mjölk Book Volume 3 is a thoughtful exploration of the Japanese tea ceremony through the lens of a potter and tea master, with visits to major works by iconic architect Terunobu Fujimori. Volume 5 contains plenty of inspiration from designers and studios such as All the Way to Paris, Svenskt Tenn, Carina Seth Andersson, and more.

[Pictured top to bottom: The Monocle Travel Guide Barcelona from Inform Interiors; Destination Art from313 Design Market; Mjölk Book Volume 3]

7. West Coast North
Sometimes though, the best inspiration comes from our own backyards. Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the sea, Canada’s Pacific Northwest is home to talented creatives with their eyes on the outdoors, a varied population, and the future. In West Coast North: Interiors Designed for Living, design writer Julia Dilworth speaks with some of the region’s foremost interior designers & architects about their motivations and their process; showcasing their work through gorgeous, full-colour photographs and their own insights. You can also find LIV Design Studio’s own projects within these pages: The ARC Vancouver, Avenue One, and H Tasting Lounge are featured on pages 125-130.

[Pictured above: West Coast North: Interiors Designed for Living, photo from Figure 1 Publishing]

In search of paradise

If you are planning a trip abroad this winter, allow us to introduce some of the LIV Design Studio team's favourite destinations for when a little rest & relaxation are required.

"As an adventurous person who lived in tropical countries in Asia for 15 years, my favourite holiday getaway is Phuket, in Thailand. The entire island chain provides an all-inclusive resort experience and top-notch accommodations, with plenty to do for all ages and a vibrant local culture to enjoy."-Sara Namdarian, Interior Designer at LIV Design Studio

From the vibrant facades of the many-coloured residences and shops lining the streets of Phuket City to the breathtaking natural splendour of Thailand's renowned beaches, Phuket is a jet-setter's dream. Particularly around the holidays, the streets of Phuket fill with lively cultural dances and the amazing smells wafting from the many restaurants, mixed with Christmas decorations to bring festive cheer to your island escape.

"A cabin in Jasper, B.C. is my ideal winter getaway. It's much quieter than better-known Banff, and always feels serene & peaceful after a busy holiday season. Spending a day out in the snow then thawing out in a classic craftsman-style cottage is hard to beat" -Kaitlyn D'Orazio, Interior Design Intern at LIV Design Studio

Embracing colder climes rather than trying to escape them is another avenue for a restful holiday season. Gathering with loved ones in an alpine resort town like Jasper is the perfect opportunity to kick back with a good book, or tackle the slopes if you're so inclined. The many heritage cabins and ski resort-inspired decor found throughout the town are emblems of Canadiana and may just provoke some changes in your own designs when you return home.

Wherever you find yourself, the hallmarks of a quality getaway remain the same: unique scenery, new experiences, and of course – ample space to relax. Looking out over the foothills of Baja California, the minimal lounges and open-air spaces encourage a connection with nature and restful enjoyment of one's surroundings.

[Pictured left to right: Surin Beach, Phuket, photographed by Bence Biczó on Unsplash; Jasper National Park, photographed by Chris Stenger on Unsplash; Encuentro Guadalupe, photographed by Manuel Moreno on Unsplash]


Wherever you find yourself this winter – whether lounging poolside at a luxury resort, spending time with loved ones, or catching up on some much-needed R&R – we hope this guide inspires you to seek comfort this holiday season, whatever that may look like. These curated gifts and destinations should hopefully provide a blueprint for instilling getaway-inspired comfort into your everyday routines, or for dreaming up your next trip abroad.

Happy holidays from all of us at LIV Design Studio!

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