Fathers and father figures rarely seek praise for all they do, which makes it all the more important to celebrate them when Father's Day comes around. Rather than pushing the boat out on lavish festivities and expensive fineries our fathers will likely never use, though, the team at LIV Design Studio prefers a more considered approach.

When it comes to Father's Day gift-giving, practicality and longevity should be your guiding principles. There's certainly something to be said for handcrafted, personal gifts that speak to sentiments beyond the clutches of consumerism. Taking the time to select memorable presents that will long outlive the occasion is the most sincere form of gift-giving.

With that in mind, our inaugural Father's Day Gift Guide celebrates craftsmanship in all its forms – something we know our dads would agree with. To help simplify the always stressful task of finding the perfect present, we've curated a selection of handmade items and experiences to impress even the most stoic, self-effacing fathers on your list. We've also asked the dads on the LIV team about fatherhood and its impact on their design, and will be sharing their thoughts throughout the article as well.

Father's Day gifts for the home

"After my son was born, it's become a fatherly instinct of mine to think about my legacy and how my designs impact others."

-Wilfredo Egonia, Design Technologist at LIV Design Studio

Most dads are creatures of comfort, striving to create a sense of calm within the home through purposeful objects and meaningful, long-lasting furnishings. We've curated a collection of handcrafted items here that are certain to enrich the daily lives of every dad on your list, no matter their hobbies or inclinations.

1. ChopValue
For the dads with a culinary bent, there are few kitchen tools more practical than the ubiquitous cutting board. This End-Grain Board from ChopValue is a stunning, sustainable solution for all manner of chopping, dicing, carving, and more. The vertically-oriented pieces of live edge wood give the board a distinctive honeycomb pattern that makes the piece equally suited to serving while reducing the impact on knife edges.

2. Paperbacknote
Journals are invaluable for chronicling one's adventures or noting your most intimate thoughts – both things that many fathers could benefit from. Combine this with a healthy dose of nostalgia, and you've got a truly memorable Father's Day gift. The stylish notebooks from Paperbacknote are handcrafted in Vancouver using recycled covers from old paperbacks, so they're sustainable to boot. Choose from the many classic titles on offer, or go the extra mile and create your own customizable edition with dad's favourite book.

3. Inform Interiors
Of course, every good notebook requires an equally excellent writing instrument. Help dad embrace his artistic side with the rich-hued Woodless Artist Pencils available at Inform Interiors – a perfect pairing with Paperbacknote's notebooks, or a superb gift on their own for the artistically-inclined fathers out there. These practical pencils do away with the traditional wooden casing, replacing it with a full lead body that extends the pencil's life while creating more vibrant colours, alongside a matte coating to ensure dad's hands stay clean.

4. Mended With Gold
All hope isn't lost if you happen to break your precious ceramics – the Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Kit from Mended With Gold gives your plates, bowls & mugs a new lease on life, and it gives dad a fun afternoon project. This exceedingly useful kit includes everything dad needs to repair the cracks, breaks, and chips in your favourite ceramics while adding a touch of gold in the process, by way of the included gold powder

5. Make Nice Company
Even something as mundane as washing the dishes can become a meditative ritual with Make Nice Company's Unscented Solid Dish Soap. This sustainably crafted soap is gentle on dad's hands, but can capably remove stains from clothing or spot-clean your carpet in addition to handling dish duty. Each bar is made from coconut and olive oils, and is free of parabens, SLS, and fragrance – while replacing three bottles of dish soap in the process.

Finally, decorate dad's den, office, or games room with the timeless artwork from PECO. These unique pieces feature a variety of uneven shapes assembled like puzzles, or archeological finds at a dig site. Pictured here is PECO's 'Anubis' piece, which is described as a study of forms, in pared-down, dad-friendly black & white, with traces of earth tones to enliven any space.

[Pictured here – top left: Woodless Artist Pencils, top right: PECO 'Anubis', bottom left: Paperbacknote Notebook, bottom right: End-grain Board]

Father's Day food & beverage gifts

No holiday is complete without sharing a delicious meal together, and a toast to the person of the hour. From the humble donut to a multi-course tasting menu at Canada's finest restaurant, the LIV Design team has collected our favourite food & beverage-related experiences for you to enjoy with dad this Father's Day.

7. 33 Acres Brewing
Most dads we know would be perfectly content spending their Father's Day with a cold beer on the porch. Elevate this experience with the award-winning beer and expertly designed branding & interiors at 33 Acres in Vancouver. The local-favourite craft brewery's minimalist vibes make it the perfect place to relax and catch up over one of their many brews and a snack, or stop by after your other adventures and grab a six-pack to go.

8. Cocktail Emporium
For the fathers who prefer their drinks on the stiffer side, help them take their mixology up a notch with the Big Smoke Old Fashioned Trio from Cocktail Emporium. This convenient kit comes with everything dad needs to prepare a truly special cocktail – including an infused maple syrup, small-batch tobacco bitters, and dehydrated orange wheels for garnish. Pair this with a bottle of dad's favourite whiskey or non-alcoholic alternative for an unforgettable gift.

9. Casamara Club
For the dads who aren't keen on partaking this Father's Day, Casamara Club makes delicious, non-alcoholic 'leisure sodas' that use real botanicals to mimic the flavours of classic Italian aperitivi. Refreshing, bold, and perfect for a picnic in the park, these beverages come in four varieties to suit any palette, and are available locally from Softer Drink.

10. Published on Main
For a truly remarkable dining experience in Vancouver, consider making a reservation for the family at
Published on Main. Recently selected as Canada's best restaurant at the Canada's 100 Best awards, Published offers a one-of-a-kind tasting menu experience showcasing Chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson's unique blend of West Coast-Nordic-German cuisine. The elegant room is sure to be busy following their recent accolades, so be sure to make a reservation well in advance.

11. Is That French Wine Bar
Also in Vancouver, the newly-opened Is That French Wine Bar promises excellent Pacific Northwest small plates alongside a tidy list of natural wine. With both ceramics and much of the interiors designed by renowned local ceramicist Janaki Larsen, this new destination in the always trendy Blood Alley promises a refined experience in a minimalist space, with plenty of tasty bites to enjoy with the family this Father's Day.

12. NOX Restaurant
Brand-new to Vancouver's stellar dining scene is NOX Restaurant in Coal Harbour. Cleverly melding local Pacific Northwest ingredients with classic Italian flare, this new venture from the minds behind the always-popular El Santo in New Westminster offers a selection of pasta, ciccheti, prime, and secondi options that all sound outstanding, alongside an extensive cocktail list that also utilizes local spirits wherever possible.

13. DaiLo
For those in Toronto, look no further than DaiLo for an exciting, exuberant meal. Serving up creative takes on Chinese-Canadian classics, this lively space has been a staple of Toronto's Little Italy since 2018. The menu consists of a variety of New Asian classics, utilizing classic French techniques to create some truly special dishes – like truffle fried rice, crispy octopus tacos, and a decadent 90-day dry-aged butcher shoppe ribeye steak.

14. Prime Seafood Palace
Speaking of red meat, there's plenty to go around at the newly opened Prime Seafood Palace on Toronto's Queen Street West. Helmed by celebrity chef Matty Matheson, this buzz-worthy new establishment is a marvel to behold, with Japandi-style furnishings and opulent yet understated design courtesy of architect Omar Gandhi. While the interiors may be airy, the menu is much richer; steakhouse staples are there in full force, alongside an impressive menu of fresh seafood that's practically meant for dads.

15. Lee's Donuts
If that all sounds like too much for the more undemanding fathers out there, perhaps a box of donuts would be better suited. Look no further than Lee's Donuts if you're in Vancouver. The self-professed mom & pop shop has been making some of the city's best donuts since 1979 and has even had their jelly donut proclaimed the "perfect food" by Seth Rogen. Located within the Granville Island market, Lee's is perfect for accompanying a picnic or makes a great dessert to follow your Father's Day feast.

[Pictured here – top: beer from 33 Acres Brewing, middle: Steak dish at DaiLo Toronto, bottom: Lee's Donuts]

Personal Father's Day gifts

In the course of their busy lives, many dads neglect to incorporate self-care into their daily routines. Help the fathers and father figures in your life unwind and maybe even embrace the finer things with these carefully crafted, understated gifts.

16. KATO by Hiroshi Kato
If a wardrobe overhaul is in order, there are few brands that do dad-friendly fits better than KATO by Hiroshi Kato. Available at Brooklyn Clothing in Vancouver's Yaletown, KATO produces high-quality iterations of classic styles, with a strong emphasis on Japanese selvedge denim. Every piece is assembled in California, KATO's focus is on combining comfort with fashion, with timeless silhouettes that suit just about everyone.

"The Stamp" T-Shirt is KATO's take on the everyday essential, inspired by vintage tees with a somewhat boxy fit and a vivid indigo colourway. There are a variety of thoughtful features that separate this shirt from the rest and make it as durable as it is stylish: a reinforced collar protects the neckline from getting stretched or creased during its lifetime, and a slightly shorter length ensures that the shirt ends at the perfect length to be worn untucked.

Pair this with the other quintessential dad wardrobe staple: a quality pair of washed jeans. Also from KATO, "The Scissors" effectively modernize the typical dad cut, with an ageless slim fit and a lightweight but durable 10.5oz fabric weight. Made from the brand's signature 4-way stretch selvedge denim and weaved using vintage shuttle looms, this pair of jeans is both incredibly comfortable and long-lasting – ensuring it stays a part of dad's casual clothing rotation for years to come.

Another classic, the white button-up shirt, is transformed into a standout piece in KATO's deft hands. "The Ripper" is the label's take on a classic collared shirt, made with organic cotton and an impeccable fit that transcends trends and situations – equally suited to the workplace, a casual dinner out, or a tropical vacation.

[Pictured here – left: KATO's The Ripper Shirt, middle: KATO's The Scissors Jeans, right: KATO's The Stamp T-shirt]

Personal Father's Day gifts

"Becoming a father is one of the most beautiful processes and it's impacted many aspects of my work through storytelling."

-Delgerbat Ravdandorj, Motion Graphic Designer at LIV Design Studio

17. Norden
Round out dad's new arsenal of wardrobe staples with the most essential of clothing pieces: a raincoat. Particularly if you're located on the wet West Coast, no closet is complete without a versatile piece of rain-resistant outerwear. The LIV team loves the Dane 2.0 Raincoat from Norden, a fine piece of performance gear that is 100% waterproof and seam-sealed to ensure no rain gets through. It's breathable, functional, and has a timeless minimal design that can mesh seamlessly with any wardrobe – not to mention, it would go great with the other clothing items on this list.

18. Noren
Convincing dad to accessorize has never been easier thanks to this elegant, understated Ring from Noren. Combining two metals, 925 sterling silver and 19k white gold, this carefully crafted piece is a veritable staple all on its own with a universal appeal that even the pickiest of parents can't refuse. The meticulous craftsmanship that created this ring is unparalleled, with a solid, brushed exterior complemented by the white gold 'staples' that surround the design.

19. Noteworthy
The classic fountain pen is an elegant writing instrument that never goes out of style. This stylish, minimal MD Fountain Pen Set is an elegant way to add a touch of pizzazz to dad's daily tasks, complete with a bottle of bold orange ink that practically springs off the page. Regardless of whether dad is documenting his travels or making notes for work, this present would pair perfectly with the upcycled notebooks from Paperbacknote also featured in this guide.

20. Kerrisdale Cameras
In the same vein, vintage and vintage-inspired film cameras have been sustaining an undeniable comeback as of late, offering an inimitable experience that today's equipment can't quite replicate. Vancouver owned and operated Kerrisdale Cameras has an incredible assortment available for you to browse at practically any price range – bonus points if you're able to find a model that has special meaning to dad.

21. Hermit
Another necessary addition to most dads' routines is a solid skincare routine. Introduce this daily ritual into your dad's life with this Face Bar from Hermit. Carefully crafted for all types of skin, these unscented bars provide a gentle cleanse with detoxifying elements like shea butter, charcoal, and other all-natural ingredients.

22. Field & Forest
If dad enjoys cycling, consider commissioning one of these Custom Frame Bags from Field & Forest. Completely customizable down to the fabric type, colour, size, zipper colour, and more, these practical bags can satisfy a variety of needs from everyday riding to storing supplies for longer trips. Best of all, each bag is handmade in Vancouver – just make sure your order's in well in advance.

[Pictured here – left: Dane 2.0 Raincoat from Norden, middle: Custom Frame Bag from Field & Forest, right: Ring from Noren]

Father's Day experiences

"After becoming a father, I experiment more with a variety of colours in my design. I often find myself drawing inspiration from my daughter's collection of toys.

-Dickson Chu, Senior Interior Designer at LIV Design Studio

Getting together and enjoying a shared interest is another fantastic option for spending Father's Day. Quality time can sometimes be the best gift of all – particularly if it involves classic cars, do-it-yourself wine seltzers, or a relaxing getaway complete with dinner at another of Canada's 100 Best restaurants.

23. Classica Auto Italiana
Even if your dad isn't an avid automobile enthusiast, it's hard to resist the undeniable allure of classic Italian cars and motorcycles. See both on display at Il Centro's Classica Auto Italiana, taking place on Father's Day Sunday at Vancouver's Italian Cultural Centre. Admission is completely free, making this an excellent way to start off your day with dad.

24. The Wine Factory
Since summer is now upon us, there's no more fitting beverage than the wine seltzer for dad to sip in the backyard. Put a personal touch on the refreshing drink and make your very own seltzer flavours with these 'Hard Bubbles' from The Wine Factory. Visit their New Westminster establishment and create your perfect summer drink with fresh-squeezed seasonal juices and flavours like peach, raspberry, and green apple.

25. Niagara
Ontario's Niagara Region is famous for its falls, but is also home to one of Canada's most distinguished winemaking areas. Take dad on a tour of the sprawling countryside – including a few winery tours and tasting room visits, of course. For an extra touch of luxury, consider making a reservation at Restaurant Pearl Morissette, an ambitious fine-dining experience that's currently ranked as the 4th best restaurant in Canada, per Canada's 100 Best.

26. Scotch & Fades
If it's time for a bit of a makeover, treat dad to a haircut at one of Vancouver's premier luxury Barbershops, Scotch & Fades. Named after different whisky age statements, Scotch & Fades' different 'experiences' include a consultation with one of their master barbers, a hot towel face treatment, and, if you splurge for the 25 Year Experience, a complimentary beverage of dad's choosing. Be sure to mention LIV if you do go in – our friends at Scotch & Fades have generously offered a 10% discount on any services if you do.

27. Zensports
Part surfing and part hoverboarding, the eFoil offers an adrenaline-packed watersports experience for you and dad to enjoy together. Located in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, Zensports has been helping locals and visitors alike pick up a new hobby through expert instruction in a safe, welcoming environment.

28. Cultivate Tea
If sipping tea in a tranquil environment is more dad's speed, consider booking a private tea tasting at Vancouver's Cultivate Tea for an experience designed to impress even the most discerning tea drinkers. Right now, Cultivate is offering a variety of events sampling their 2022 First Harvest teas, as well as both 30-minute and 60-minute 'Omakase' tasting sessions as well for a broad and varied tea drinking experience.

[Pictured here – left: Haircut at Scotch & Fades Barbershop, right: Hard Bubbles at The Wine Factory]


The team at LIV Design Studio wishes to thank our fathers & father figures for everything they do, and we hope that you and your loved ones have the opportunity to celebrate the dads in your life this ather's Day.

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