Colour Pairings

For designers, colour is key to creating an evocative space. Colour will immediately convey a sense of intimacy or formality, vibrancy or calm. Therefore, choosing the right colour pairing is vital to the experience you are creating. Unconventional pairings are a simple way to create impact and enhance the design of a space.  

See below for a list of the unexpected – colour pairings that are sure to liven up any space this fall, curated by the LIV Design Team.

Pink & Sage

Perennially popular at LIV, the pink and sage coupling balances whimsy with sophistication. Biophilic warmth from this earthy shade of green complements the whimsical pink to create an interesting balance between the two colours.

Blush & Petrol

We anticipate blush pink will soon be declared a ‘neutral’. It is warm and inviting and less stark than classic white and grey neutrals.  Petrol blue provides the the perfect counterweight to this candyfloss hue and the combination is thoroughly modern popping up in new restaurants and cafes worldwide.

Coral & Sea Blues

This colour pairing  stems from the two others, but is their livelier cousin. This punchy colour combo is bold and confident and conveys a sunny, tropical spirit in a non-kitsch way. 

Sage and Brown

This combo is earthy and sexy and very 70’s. As we move beyond mid-century inspiration, to the 70’s, we see sage and avocado greens appearing on hard surfaces, upholstered corduroy, or even velvet furnishings. Paired with rich woods like walnut, this combination feels fresh again.



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