With Summer at our doorstep, getting your outdoor space ready is a must. Whether you host family and friends for barbecues or simply enjoy a morning cappuccino or after work aperitif on the patio, designing your outdoor living space can be both a joy and a challenge. We’ve asked our designer friends at Vancouver’s Living Space, to discuss the latest trends in outdoor furniture and design to ensure your alfresco area is glorious.


Colours inspired by nature figure prominently. Besides obvious neutrals, we are seeing yellows, greens and blues. Paola Lenti’s 2019 collection, particularly, incorporates this palette, oozing sophistication and referencing a mid-century Acapulco vibe (umbrella image above and image directly below).

Roda, on the other hand, is featuring subdued neutrals for 2019 seamlessly blending their minimalist designs with the earthy browns and greens of the great outdoors.

Shapes & Materials

Manufacturers are using some beautiful traditional craft techniques to create their products incorporating intricate weaves and webbing into seating and shade elements.

Furniture silhouettes are low and luxurious with softer, more rounded corners – inviting hours spent lounging with a book or sipping rosé over long, lazy lunches.

Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting is an essential to any outdoor space. It sets the mood and makes it safe for use. Thankfully, there have been tremendous improvements in LED and battery technology, so cordless lamps are brighter, longer running, and offer better light quality. Flos Bellhop is a Living Space favorite for its 24 hour run time. The Flos Bon Jour is another long running lamp option with great photometrics and available in numerous colours.

The brilliant design minds at Foscarini have created some of the most beautiful and versatile lighting products for the outdoors. The Cri Cri, for example, is a wireless lamp/lantern with an internal rechargeable battery; hang it up or set it down anywhere. The Solar, in turn, is another dual purpose creation serving as a tabletop as well as solar powered lighting.

Well designed outdoor lighting will do wonders to your space creating a warm, welcoming environment that can be enjoyed at any time of day.


Treat your outdoor space as an extension of your home. Ideally, the styles and colours will blend seamlessly and, for a few precious months of the year, you’ll be able to enjoy a little additional living space.


Cover Image Source: Unsplash

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