Open floor plans, industrial conversions, grand public spaces and even high density living have inspired designers and companies to think differently about sound. They’ve turned to acoustic technology employed in sound studios, churches and restaurants to understand how sound absorption works and ads to a room’s ambiance. And, thankfully, an aesthetic awareness is informing the design of acoustic panels exciting architects, designers and the public alike. Advances in architectural textiles have facilitated creative designs that are worthy of display versus simply playing a functional, sound absorption role in the background.

Parentesit is an acoustic wall module that reduces extraneous background noise and creates a space for concentration. The bold, graphic forms are available in three shapes—a circle, a square or an oval—that speak to diverse environments.

These new, sculptural panels accent spaces beautifully and should be considered key elements of interior design…in essence, functional pieces of art.

One of the most exciting companies out there is Baux from Sweden. Pushing the envelope in terms of design and technology, this innovative company is introducing some of the most creative, environmentally friendly panels, tiles, screen and objects to the market, improving the acoustic comfort of a wide variety of spaces, uniquely.

Worthy of specific mention are their 100% bio-based acoustic pulp panels – the first in the world to combine the performance properties of sound absorption, safety and durability with sustainability and modern aesthetics. They are made out of sustainably harvested Swedish fir and pine trees, recycled water, non-GMO wheat bran, potato starch, plant-derived wax and citrus fruit peels. And of course, no chemicals. Not only are these revolutionary, they are beautiful.

With more than 500 free acoustic patterns for their tiles and panels, designers have the option to implement some beautiful Baux designs or create their own.

Whichever way architects and designers choose to implement Baux products, we are confident they will honour the founders’ mission to “create better working conditions for the people worldwide” through acoustic innovation.

Cover Photo Source: Unsplash

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