Chinese New Year is around the corner and we all know that means little red & gold envelopes filled with cash – both given and received. The lucky money tradition can be traced back to the Han dynasty when coins were distributed to ward off evil spirits. They were engraved with symbols promising peace, longevity and good fortune. The tradition evolved over time and now New Year’s money comes inside beautiful red envelopes known as hong bao (红包). The money they contain is intended to ensure a blessed and prosperous New Year for the recipient. They are given between generations and in some regions of China, married couples will give them to the singletons in their lives as a way of transferring luck.

The fact that approximately 1/6 of the world will be celebrating the Lunar New Year and actively circulating these packages of promised prosperity has not been lost on the big luxury brands. In response, many houses of design have created exquisite stationary masterpieces marrying the elegance of their prospective brands with the cultural significance of the red envelope. Keep your eyes open for the 2019 creations.

Here’s hoping we are all on the receiving end of one of these gorgeous creations!

Remember, these envelopes should only hold crisp, clean bills, (denominations of 8 preferred) in order for their magic to work!



Cover Image Source: Unsplash

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