Wallpaper has established itself firmly as a creative, versatile option for designers looking to add texture and interest to a space. Thankfully for us, manufacturers have responded lavishly, producing an exquisite, varied selection of wall coverings that excite and challenge the senses.  Hands down, the stand out trends for 2019, as we see it, are nature and geometry.


We recognize the trend for lush, leafy, ‘living’ walls continues. Cool interpretations can be found across the spectrum of spaces from homes and retail spaces to hotels, airports and grand cultural spaces. However, as beautiful as these are, they are not always viable. The alternative, of course, is wall coverings that pay tribute to the outdoors – flora, fauna and natural elements alike.  


Florals of all shapes, sizes and scale figure prominently. Whether printed on black or white or metallic backgrounds, floral wall coverings integrate harmoniously into any environment. Traditional florals work well with classical detailing like wainscotting while bold scale florals add warmth and drama to modern spaces.  Tropical foliage, large scale palm leaves and trees rendered in matte or metallic nod nostalgically to colonial-era residences in exotic places.

For our design of IDIBC’s booth at IDS Vancouver 2018, we commissioned Candice Kaye Design and Montreal-based WYNIL, to alter one of their existing sublime floral wall coverings for us. We loved the pattern but we wanted a deeper, darker background. The resulting modification was exactly what we had envisioned and helped us secure the Gray-sponsored Award for “Best Exhibit Space Design”.

Wood & Stone

Stone and mineral wallpaper designs continue the trend of bringing the outdoors into interior spaces.  Fine grains, cracked and marbled stone create interesting, earthy backdrops for any room.  We also see concrete figuring prominently as part of this trend – the look of raw concrete can turn a conventional space into something reminiscent of an NYC factory loft.   Concrete wallpaper murals can effectively project anything from clean concrete to giant blocks and crumbling walls; the subtle colourations are beautiful, versatile and dramatic.  

Other papers reproduce the rustic charm and beauty of nature emulating the illusion of natural materials. Wood grains and panelling, for example, tap into 70’s rec room nostalgia and/or Frank Lloyd Wright’s woodsy warmth to create inviting spaces. Whether you are after clean minimalist look or a grittier industrial aesthetic, faux wood & stone, will fit the bill.


We are also seeing small, tromp l’oeil designs that depict animals alongside small scale florals. In addition, the zebra and leopard prints dominating the fashion world, will be reflected on walls as well.


Timeless and classic, geometric patterns bring order and context to almost any space. They can range from strong, dramatic shapes to more sober, barely perceptible designs that are decidedly more neutral and versatile.

Bespoke Wallpaper

Full wrap wall prints, graphics, murals and custom printed wallpaper are unique, custom and powerful options for homes, restaurants, retail spaces etc.  Impactful and bold, they are often available as decals, providing flexibility and limiting damage to walls.

For decades out of vogue, wall paper is back with a vengeance offering designers and consumers choices that push creative boundaries far beyond standard painted surfaces to create beautiful, imaginative spaces.


Cover Image Source: Unsplash

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