In Paris, it is rare to see large portions of meat on the dinner table. Furthermore, with more and more people taking the extra step into veganism today, restaurants in Paris are following suit. With an increasing number of spaces that allow us to skip the animal pâté for the evening, vegan restaurant-goers are assured they will continue to enjoy and celebrate life around food.

Aside from the food, the most avant-garde commodity of these vegan hot-spots is the decor.  Accordingly, with an animal free gastronomy, one can expect an almost back to basics interior design. Reclaimed wood and restored antique floors presume a meticulously planned rustic domain.

Here are our top three restaurants that do a great job encapsulating the modern Parisian vegan experience.

Sol Semilla

Is that raw cacao we smell? Welcome to Sol Semilla by the Canal St. Martin, one of the only carriers of true Amazonian and Latin American superfoods in Paris. Embrace your inner flower-child and feel one with the earth from the inside out in this picturesque dining experience. Earth tones, definitely a trend in organic living spaces, create and transport you to a serene oasis, with simple accents like rustic wood barrels as chairs and colorful textured walls to bounce off your lentil salad. The owner also has a working farm just on the outskirts of the city, making sure your meal has reduced food miles to reach your table and improving the vitality of each bite. The teal-blue facade, which is in synchronization with the rest of the alternative neighborhood, will undoubtedly create a feeling of lived-in vibrancy that is now a way of restaurants showcasing that they are in fact “au naturel.”



Image from @seasonparis

Continuing with the use of color to create an ambiance, Season’s raw reclaimed wood benches and tables, as well as soft white light immediately embrace you into Nirvana. Yes, every bohême in town is having an avocado toast here, so it will be bustling. Trust us, you are not going to care that there are loads of people, as all the white color palettes reflecting off the industrial metallics give the two-story space a feeling of clean air and infinite capacity. It isn’t just the feeling; Season, like many budding eco-friendly companies today, use fresh plants and non-toxic building materials to advance environmental change. The restaurant also includes classic communal tables, so you can meet some friendly locals while enjoying the local cuisine.

Check out Season’s delectable menu here.


Wild and the Moon

This list would not be complete without Wild and the Moon, from whom vegan fashion houses such as Stella McCartney tap for a supply of cold-pressed juices during Paris Fashion Week. It is no wonder that every health conscious, stylish Parisian is cramming into this Marais location to experience all the benefits of juicing and beyond. Described as an urban jungle, the petite but perfect layout includes numerous indoor hanging planters, a craze originally seen in LA, to add a geometrical elegance to an otherwise small space. The plant-filled walls complement the white-tiled counter, giving a vintage feel with the tiny squares holding reflections of the otherwise green aura. One appreciates these tiny white tiles instead of a glass option. You will feel that green glow eating your quinoa salad surrounded by this decor.

Check out Wild and Moon’s Instagram here.

With companies from around the globe “greenwashing” everything from clothes to furniture, it’s no wonder that there is an inclination to research healthier lifestyles that are, in fact, healthier. In exploring vegan restaurants in Paris, we uncovered their far-reaching latitudes. We have come across truly raw, authentic and always glamorous spots. No greenwashing here! Just simplicity, good food and ambiance. Bon appetit!

Written By Christianne Christensen.

Cover Image Source: Unsplash

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