The Future of Work

“Hybrid” is the new black. The world has changed, and our workspaces along with it. We challenge students to create and share their vision for the workspaces of tomorrow.

What does the future of work look like? We challenged the next generation of interior designers to consider how these spaces might be brought to life, what purposes they might serve, and how they can contribute to a more balanced, productive future.


Winners have been selected as of July 26th. The 4 winners will be given the opportunity to showcase their designs in AR (Augmented Reality) at IDS Vancouver 2022, taking place September 22-25. During this time, event participants will be able to vote for their favourite design, with a grand prize winner announced on September 25th.   

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Meet Our Finalists

Kaitlyn D’Orazio & Sasha Zebroff | Framework

This design draws on the power of frameworks as a catalyst for creativity, utilizing geometric shapes in furniture and millwork to represent stability and order in times of change. Anticipating the evolving physical & mental needs of professionals, the design places an emphasis on mindfulness by allowing employees to cultivate their own personal frameworks by providing adaptable technologies and the space to use them.

Joshua Swanson & Hailey Bassiri | The Reorder Project
Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Inspired by the multi-functionality of a Swiss Army knife, The Reorder Project encourages physical movement and mindfulness with an adaptable design that can move and transform to suit a variety of workspaces. A simple, versatile layout uses partitions to allow for single group meetings, split-space dual group meetings, and a third function that can range from a climbing wall to a cozy lounge space depending on users’ needs.

Vivien Tam | Hybrid Office Design
LaSalle College Vancouver

This Hybrid Office Design highlights the ever-growing importance of technology by featuring clean, simple elements to reduce distraction and encourage productivity. Drawing on the spirit of exploration characterized by a futuristic aircraft, this design addresses shifting modes of work while equipping workers with the tools to solve the problems of tomorrow and uncover new mysteries. 

Jordana Dall’Igna, Julia Soares & Kimiya Khezri | Pixel
LaSalle College Vancouver

Pixel explores the limitless potential of togetherness by creating a collaborative, positive, and functional workplace for the interior design industry that extrapolates the limits between the physical and digital world. Welcoming professionals for both in-person and virtual meetings, Pixel uses bursts of vibrant colour and modular furniture to provide a comfortable, high-tech space that can double as a space to unwind and relax through team-oriented activities.

2022 Submissions

Carlos Valdez, David Kim & Vanesa Succurro | InterFused

Stemming from fluid intertwining data connections that mimic natural growth patterns, the concept of InterFused creates a biophilic support system for creative individuals. The social space allows for harmony to flow between ideas, individuals, and the community, while embracing the future of technology. At InterFused, the goal is flexibility and adaptability to allow for a multitude of uses within one space. 

Curtis Chiang | Project Hologram

This project embraces bleeding-edge technologies in the workplace, looking at how hybrid offices of the future can utilize holograms to unlock new possibilities. Holograms can be viewed as a type of illusion — a blend of the virtual world and reality. Embracing this phenomenon through design allows us to better accommodate both virtual and in-person meetings.

Gabriella Angeline | Fluid Meet Space
LaSalle College Vancouver

‘Fluid Meet Space’ embraces the fluidity of the post-pandemic working world by allowing for natural movement and creative ways to utilize active energy. he design of the space will reflect fluidity by using elements of curving lines, connecting forms, and rhythmic patterns. These elements will effortlessly harmonize with end users’ modes of work, encouraging collaboration and social interaction. 

Linghai Zhang | Oasis
LaSalle College Vancouver

‘Oasis’ was designed to be a stand-alone office with a unique presence reminiscent of a tranquil desert oasis. Oasis’ design seeks to bring solace to burnt-out employees, freeing them from stress with creative avenues to maximizing productivity. With a lush, tropical feel, this creative workspace brings harmony to our daily lives.

Paisley-Ann Leblanc | Multiverse 
LaSalle College Vancouver

‘Multiverse’ demonstrates how even the smallest office spaces can hold entire an entire universe of possibility within. To help employees unleash their full potential and achieve shared goals, the space’s design must play a role. Multiverse answers this call, giving users the flexible space they need for an immersive, creativity-fueled, hybrid office.

Vinh Tuan Huynh | Rocky Mountain
LaSalle College Vancouver

‘Rocky Mountain’ invokes a sense of adventure and creativity in the workplace, with a design that is equipped to stand the test of time. Inspiration was drawn from the Rocky Mountains, and the singular feeling of escaping to the great outdoors. The design seeks to capture this feeling of excitement in even the most ordinary work day, providing inspiration and motivation at every turn. 

Xueding Wang & Jihyeon Kim | Less is More
LaSalle College Vancouver

‘Less is More’ deftly wields minimalist design principles to create a purposeful, focused office space that leaves ample room for creating, thinking, and collaborating. Based on the simple premise that less outside noise leaves more room for our inner thoughts, this design utilizes simple but essential elements delivered throughout the space to create a delightfully uncomplicated workspace.


Submissions were evaluated by a panel of expert judges from the interior design industry. This year’s panel of judges reflects the diverse perspectives of our local design community, representing a number of disciplines and approaches to interior design.

Olivia Lam
Principal, LIV Design Studio

Matthew McCormick
Owner / Creative Director, Matthew McCormick Studio

Ema Peter
Photographer, Ema Peter Photography

Anicka Quin
Editorial Director, Western Living Magazine

Alex Beim
CEO / Creative Director, Tangible


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First (1st) place: $8000, second (2nd) $4000; third (3rd) place $2000; fourth (4th) place $1000 


Top 4 finalists will have an opportunity to interview for a LIV Design Internship.  


Share their work with the interior design community through AR technology at IDS Vancouver 2022.

IDS Vancouver 2022

IDS is Canada’s premier showcase of new products and furniture, superstar designers and avant-garde concepts from North America and beyond. Taking place from September 22-25, IDS Vancouver 2022 is centered around the theme of “New Futures” highlighting new ideas, new solutions, and new expression. LIV is proud to participate in this year’s in-person event with our Future of Work: A virtual experience booth, showcasing the work of local interior design students through an exciting AR experience with voting from the public to determine final placement. We invite you to visit our Booth at IDS Vancouver 2022 to learn more and experience our top 4 finalists’ design concepts in AR. 

Voting will begin Thursday, September 22 and close Sunday, September 24 at 1PM. The results will be announced at the Award Ceremony on Sunday, September 24 at 3:45PM at the IDS Vancouver Main Stage.

Thank You to our Sponsors

The LIV Design Studio team would like to give our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors for making the 2022 Student Design Challenge possible.